Islamic finance and wealth management are two pertinent areas directly influenced by changes in economic situations, social growth, and rapid technological expansions. The industry and community must be informed and vigilant about the development and potential benefits of improving their economy and financial prosperity. Islamic Finance and Wealth Management Institute (IFWMI) is a leading research centre that aims to conduct studies, innovate ideas and products, and spread information about the two mentioned subject areas.   

IFWMI’s research teams are dedicated to collaborating with the industry, engaging with the community, and publishing research outcomes. Four arms of Islamic Finance have been committed by our team – Islamic banking, Islamic capital market, takaful and Islamic social finance. Additionally, five dimensions of wealth management have also been the niche area of the research activities; wealth generation, wealth protection, wealth accumulation, wealth purification and wealth distribution. 

We welcome industrial and academic partners on research projects benefiting the ummah. May Allah ease our efforts and bless us with success in dunya and akhirah.  

Associate Professor Dr. Izlawanie Binti Muhammad
Director IFWMI
Tel: 606 798 6437