The Islamic Finance and Wealth Management Institute (IFWMI), USIM was established on July 7 2007, with objectives to conduct various research activities and innovations to be applied in trainings for community and industry. IFWMI caters various research fields in the framework of Islamic Finance and Wealth Management.

The outputs of the researches that have been conducted by IFWMI researchers are manifested in journal articles, case writings, research books, chapters in books, Intellectual property (IP) registrations and commercialised product. The institute with collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Muamalat also organised seminars, intellectual discourse series, conferences to disseminate the findings verbally to the academic society.

IFWMI hopes to support the growth of the global Islamic Finance industry, by list of experts in various fields; Islamic finance, Muamalat, Shariah Audit and accounting, Islamic Wealth Management and Social finance. It is also hoped that the institute could be a catalyst of innovation in this niche area by sharing and enhancing knowledge for academicians, practitioners and industry players.